Modular Ceiling

Barrisol Modular

The Barrisol Modular ceiling panel is made of self-supporting suspended frameworks in which Barrisol ceiling sheeting’s are layered on the surface.

Product Feature

There are different systems of modular frameworks available that offer a vast choice of forms and dimensions from which Barrisol sheeting’s can be presented. Rectangles, squares, circles etc, and in any custom dimension. The modular frame is compatible with all of Barrisol Lighting Systems, the Acoustic range, the Print range, the perforated range and the recycled sheet range.

Available in more than 130 colors and 8 finishes, the modular frame is able to be alternated in forms, aspects and functional use cases, to create a highly personalized interior situation.

Please see the gallery to view all the innovative uses that the Barrisol modular ceiling has been adapted to.

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